The Battery - The heart of your car's engine

If you need a replacement battery, call us or pop in. We have a range of batteries in stock but if we haven't got the one you need we will get you one the same day and fit it for FREE.

The battery is often one of the most neglected components in the entire car yet it is vital for the car to run.

Eventually the internal condition of the battery deteriorates until it is unable to hold a charge and the battery has to be replaced. Usually the first symptom of this is that the battery doesn't hold enough reserve power to start your car.

The only solution is a high quality, low cost replacement from Black Country Tyres and Exhausts. We will advise you on exactly the right type of battery for your car depending on the engine size and the typical conditions in which you use your car.

Call us on 0121 557 8471 or pop in for more information.

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